Invitation to the moderators of the 2014 LGBT convening to discuss it on the Rebecca Juro Show

An open invitation to moderators and attendees of the 2014 LGBT media Convening.
I have been invited by Rebecca Juro to talk on air March 20th about the convening with its mantra of 'real talk' about radical inclusion and I want to hear from you afterwards.

My name is Kelli Busey, and I am a radical. Why you ask? I haven't blown anything up. I am different in that I do not look or act or conform to most gender expectations. I am not ultra fem. I am a former soldier who never lost her zeal for exercise. I am unique. I am a radical trans advocate

I am also a radically different in other ways. I have been blessed, as was my mother, with empathetic abilities that many associate with witch craft,
Having begun transition in the 90s when transsexuality was considered a mental illness in conservative Texas, my sensitivity was a curse. Nearly everywhere I went. People looked in disapproval, some with hatred, Those feelings amplified by my innate perceptiveness bounced around inside me like daggers.

However, as the years progressed and the transgender agenda moved forward those negative reactions became less noticeable, and my curse became a blessing. To surmise, I survived by learning to trash the hurt and embrace the acceptance.
But I cursed my lucidity again just a few weeks ago.

What I felt and saw at the 2014 LGBT Media Convening made me feel like I haven't since Barney Frank split ENDA. I felt like a 'fucking tranny' and said so on a post on the TransAdvocate and at planetransgender.

Those posts weren't well received.

I dare anyone to suggest that transmisogony, transphobia or indeed, homophobia don't exist within the LGBT media community.

In light of what I wrote I most likely won't be invited back to meet with the nations top LGBT journalists again, but maybe thats for the best. I will not allow myself to feel like I have to conform to do that.

But then again maybe this is a beginning of true radical inclusion in LGBT media. Maybe next year's critical voices will energize our movement. Time will tell.

But in the meantime folks we need real real talk.

Rebecca Juro show airs live at 7:00 to 9:00 PM eastern on http://www.live365.com. If you miss the show you can listen to the Pod Cast.

Hope to hear from you then.

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