Transgender woman murdered in São Paulo Brazil

The Bahian transsexual Giovana Souza Silva, 33, was gunned down in the south of São Paulo late on Thursday, 28.

According to information of the 27th Police Precinct, which registered the police report, the incident occurred at about 21:30, between Meadow Street and Avenue Indianapolis Taborda, in Jardins neighborhood.

According to police, Giovana was born in Jucuruçu but her family resides in nearby Itamaraju (distant 751 km from Salvador), in southern Bahia.

Still no information about the authorship and motivation of the crime that is being investigated by Homicide (DHPP) in São Paulo.

Info realize that Giovana be vying for a spot of prostitution when she was killed, but this has not been confirmed by police.

As the 27th Precinct, Giovana's body was taken to the Forensic Medical Institute (IML), located in the neighborhood Aclimação and then should be taken to Itamaraju, for burial.

[Translated by Google] Source http://m.atarde.uol.com

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