Rebecca Juro, Bil Browning, Gay.com and my Donna Rose moment at the LGBTMedia14 Convening

I'm sitting far left at a table alone after the others who were there left (clicks)

Most all of us older trans folks remember the days of us against them. Them being the "Gay.com". Hardly, a day went past without one of us writing about the evil gay.com on our obscure blogs.
Who were we railing against exactly? Well, that would depend on who you asked, but for me, it was the million-dollar machine fed and led by HRC, amplified by their gay media minions.

However, as time went by and our integration and acceptance progressed, I became less aware of any malevolence from within the gay community.

So was all that hyperbolic screeds and rants by transgender people about a monstrous entity inhabiting and directing the gay agenda, just that, rants?

I'm here to tell you from my recent experiences, those things we said, well there was some truth in them... Reflecting on the recent events at the the 2014 LGBT Media convening I had a revelation. There is a monster living just below the facade that Gay.com shows to the world, and it's as verminous as it was years past.

I was invited to attend the 2014 LGBT Media Convening in DC this year. I was very excited about it posting numerous article about it. However, things went awry, I felt disrespected and said so. Later I was asked to be a guest on a internet talk show and posted hoping we could make something positive come of it.

I asked some friends feedback regarding my LGBTMedia14 debacle, and one true and time tested friend told me this:

"Feedback? Your continued surprise makes me feel like I'm in Bill Murray's "Ground Hog's Day". Why you continually engage with people that have a vested interest in creating a gated off area, or glass ceiling is beyond me. Folks like Bil Browning (5...4...3...2...1) and Mike Rogers create one so they can feel better about themselves, exclude other people, and provide cookies to the good boys and girls that mind their manners and play their reindeer games.

Feedback? Either accept you need the acceptance or you need them for some sort of advancement of these people. That with that need from them, you must accept that you have to grovel for the faintest ounce of respect, or wake up.

Why you need the likes of Mara Keisling or Matt Foreman to panel you on ANYTHING related to good journalism, is beyond me.

Feedback? It's Ground Hog's Day again!"

After I was on the Rebecca Juro show talking abouth the LGBTMeda14 Convening the following facebook conversation took place. Clicking the comment part of the facebook link will let you see how Bil Browning deals with those who write articles critical of his media convening.

Juro's radio show, carefully crafted to take apart my observations and assert Gay.com innocence fell apart early on. Juro offered that she knew only a couple of the panel moderators personally but that she was absolutely sure that they couldn't be transphobic through insight gleaned through emails prior to the convening.

OK possibly none of the Moderators are transphobic. I never said any of them were. Possibly, it was a personality conflict. Maybe they just don't like me.

I know what I saw so there must be a reason for the moderators ignoring me.

Then there's the last possibility.

Perhaps someone before of during the convening, maybe those who were in control it, let the moderators know not to call on me. That's very possible. I am a wild card radical.

And Rebecca Juro, I was meaning to ask you something. You approached Mara Keisling, Bil Browning and myself in the lobby of the hotel after the convening. You know as Bil walked backwards and stood 3 feet away near the door? You were very excited saying Bil had asked you to do something.

I think that favor didn't go as planned, but Bil got what he wanted a couple of days ago repeatedly using misogyny on my facebook wall in comments about the interview. Yeah I unfriended him as he knew I would.

That whole thing was really painful. I'm thanking god it didn't happen a few years ago while I was fighting intense hatred in the workplace. I wouldn't have been able to deal with it back then.

But today I can I will say for me anyways, there will be no more groundhog days.

Rebecca Juro

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