Kaye Bowens fired by Star City Arkansas McDonalds for using the woman's restroom

Star city transgender woman Kay Bowens has filed an EECO Complaint after she fired for using the woman's room. Fellow employees have confirmed with Fox News her contention that she was mistreated and terminated after a shift manager demanded she use the men's room.

The McDonald's owner. Michael Retzer, at first denied she was fired or that her that her future employment was contingent on her using the wrong restroom. He later said she no longer worked at the McDonalds because she failed to report to work.

Star City AR is located in the south-eastern portion of the state and has a population of 2,471 as of the 2000 census. If the outstanding job of reporting by this FOX affiliate is any indication of the state of our agenda, I'd say we are doing pretty good. It's sad that we still face discrimination in the workplace but as Ms. Bowens so succinctly put it, what's a bathroom have to do with with her job performance?

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