Anti Transgender Student Sports Bill Heads to Governor's desk

The burden of hate will weigh heavy their hearts forever


It's with a heavy heart I have some sad news to relay. The right-wing extremist state government of Texas has finally forced an anti-trans bill through.

The cowardly insurrectionists started in 2017 with a statewide bathroom bill but that met unanimous opposition.

The bill that passed targets transgender children, the most vunerable of our community, a segment that is more easily attacked. For who lends much credence to what a child has to say?
The anti-trans legislation has been a high priority each session called by Governor Greg Abbott, and the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) has proudly worked alongside community partners, children and their family members, advocates, and activists who have made thousands of phone calls and visits to the Capitol for the last 10 months. We want to remind our community and ally’s that even though it might not feel this way, we are on the right side of history when it comes to justice for trans people in Texas."
“We are disappointed and devastated that HB25 has passed in the House. Despite the overwhelming testimonies and facts presented to the legislature in opposition to the bill, proving how harmful this bill will be to trans children, their loved ones, and our LGBTQ community they treated our trans youth like political pawns. I want to remind people of Texas, our trans youth are not your political pawns.” said executive director of TENT, Emmett Schelling."
This is truly sickening as there was no need for it in 2017 and there is no need for it today

Last session Joe Stauss speaker of the house, a Republican from San Antonio stopped them at the last moment. Joe was immediately forced out of the legislator and we didn't have a savior this year.
“This cruel and grotesque ban puts a target on the backs of transgender children and adults, erases intersex people and sends a clear message that transgender and intersex people aren’t welcome or safe in Texas. Instead of heeding the community outcry against the bill and listening to the powerful testimony of trans kids and adults, families and advocates, Texas lawmakers willingly ignored the unequivocal evidence of the harm this bill (and bills like it) has already caused. Throughout four traumatizing legislative sessions, we’ve seen increased requests for help from families facing anti-LGBTQ+ threats as a result of this hostile climate. The ‘debate’ over this anti-transgender bill is already exacerbating intolerance, fueling discrimination, and solidifying Texas’ reputation as the leading state for violence against trans people. Lawmakers who supported this bill will have to live with its legacy and future impact on our communities,” said Ricardo Martinez (he/him), Chief Executive Officer of Equality Texas.
As HB 25 heads to Abbott's desk, it changes one cruicial rule. Previously schools accepted all birth certificates regardless of amendments. 

HB 25 will require schools to accept birth certificates that were issued 'at or near the time of birth'. This will keep any transgender students from playing who might have had the fortune to amend their birth certificates.

Actual policy, enforcement, and the cost of paying for it and any legal actions will be covered by cash-strapped schools. 

Kids. We did our best. And at best we have delayed more toxic bills from making it through.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden promised before being elected that he had our backs. If he doesn't take the lead forcefully he will have to get out of the way as we will squish him falling into our graves. Seriously President Biden, Don't waste this opportunity.

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