Why is the Dallas LGBT resource center trying to get a sports championship moved to Texas?

The ink hasn't dried on the Texas Trans student Athlete Ban, the NCAA has ignored our demands that they stand behind their promises, and the Communication Director of the Dallas LGBT center is working to get a major league sporting championship moved to Texas.

Rafael McDonnell, Senior Advocacy, Policy, & Communications Manager at Resource Center located in Dallas Texas said on Facebook that he  "filled in for the boss at a reception to welcome an international soccer delegation scouting out North Texas as a potential 2026 World Cup site."

I asked him "How do you reconcile that with the legislature's trans student athletic ban?"

McDonnell answered quickly posting on Facebook:

 "I am hopeful that bans like the one here in Texas will be struck down in the courts. We've already seen challenges in other states with more favorable federal courts. If SCOTUS' reasoning in last years employment cases holds true, that is another hopeful sign. Four years is a long ways away, and it's by no means certain that North Texas will get any of these games," said McDonnell."

McDonnell continued "Several of the sites under consideration have also passed similar (and worse) legislation...Nashville and Miami jump to mind. Mexico is on thin ice about hosting games in the current three-nation bid because of team fans repeatedly using homophobic and transphobic chants. FIFA (the governing body of international soccer) Is has been criticized for giving next is giving next year's World Cup to Qatar because of that country's human rights record, so they are going to look closely at that before making final location choices."

Jesus Christ. All I see now is a gay man rationalizing backstabbing trans kids. That is deplorable. I mean, has Abbott even signed the bill into law yet? 

In response to the Texas Rangers once again omitting any reference to LGBT kids on MLB Spirit Day McDonnell told the Dallas Morning News “To me, the Rangers are a bunch of scrappy guys who play their hearts out every day and you love that,” he said. “But the more this keeps happening, it becomes more difficult to love something that doesn’t even acknowledge you exist.”

And yes the worse is yet to come. The floodgates have opened and Texas will be full-on attacking trans people in the next legislative session.

And to tell you the truth as a designated persona non grata it really has been hard to support the North Texas gay community or the scrappy crew from Equality Texas.

To quote Rafael McDonnell "...the more this keeps happening, it becomes more difficult to love something that doesn’t even acknowledge you exist.”

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