Self funded Khawaja Sira Quran School Opens in Pakistan


Khawaja Sira Quran School Pakistan

A Quran school and religious learning community centre has just opened in the E-11section of Islamabad.

Khawaja Sira Quran School
Khawaja Sira Quran School 

"The school for the transgender/Khawaja sira community has a full-time staff on site who assist those that come daily for classes and also for those that need temporary shelter."

"Khawaja Sira Quran School is now officially open, we have set up two of our 4 rooms, and our kitchen is now functional, ready to serve meals to our trans students and temporary shelter seekers. We are an entirely donation-reliant facility, and your generosity helps keep our doors open, to volunteer, donate or schedule a visit please contact us on our social media channels."

This is a step forward to better the lives of trans people as many religions oppose Khawaja Sira people's integration into society. Pakistan once again is on the leading edge by integrating Khawaja Sira people into law enforcement, the workplace, government, and religious organizations.

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