Happy Birthday Livvy James !

Livvy James, who at 10 began transition despite cruel media attention has turned eleven years old today. You can wish her a happy birthday on her facebook page and I know she'd love it if you would sign her petition asking the media not to kill anymore with transgender defamation such as "Tranny". (I don't know why the petition link isn't working but I'll find out, sorry) but she and her mother have made some great videos to watch.

You can read about Livvy for free in Frock! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LIVVY!

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Unknown said...

The only media depiction I saw of this was an article in the daily mail which I was assigned to read as part of a sociology class. I have always found the daily mail repugnant and the comments on its online articles to be right wing to the point of being misanthropic. I was really surprised with the acceptance with which both the article and every single one of the 50 or so comments I read dealt with her case. Perhaps there's hope for us all yet.