LAPD Task Force Looking For The Western Transgender Murderer

There is a man roaming Western avenue from Hollywood to south Los Angles thought to be on foot or bike attacking targets of opportunity.

Who is the easiest target? Gay cross-dressing transvestite prostitutes. Not quite worthy of empathy from even the larger transgender and transsexual community and in this day of gay.com assimilation by acceptability, the easiest ignored and forgotten by LGB people as well.

This man researches his targets carefully. These are not all random acts of violence.

Lets make our LGBTQI family a little less inviting to him. Note to LAPD: Gender expression is what defines trans people, not sexual orientation. Might need to know that while forming a M.O. on this man.

The Western bandit is currently associated with the murder of one transgender woman an attempted armed robbery of one other and undefined violence against another. At least two of those incidents were within a few miles of numerous gay bars including one drag bar, GLAAD and the LGBT LA Center

The person who was murdered was at the the below google map picture location. She was misgendered diminutivly by the LA Times in this 2011 Homicide Report as:
"Nathan Vickers, a 32-year-old black man, was fatally shot Thursday, Nov. 17, in the 6100 block of West Lexington Avenue in Hollywood, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.

"Vickers, who identified himself as a transgender woman, was shot and killed on Lexington Avenue, near Gower Street, an area long known for street prostitution. The victim, known by the street name “Cassidy,” was standing in the street when he was shot shortly before 10 p.m."
Then in a half and hour an attempted robbery of a transgender woman 1.8 miles away at  Plumber Park on Santa Monica Blvd another area also known for prostitution.

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Anyone who has information about him is asked to call the LAPD at (877) LAPD-247 ([877] 527-3247).

More at LA Times

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Anonymous said...

When I finished reading this, I started to write a comment, but found myself starting to cry quite unbidden. And I realized I had a lot more to say than just, "Thank you for writing this and drawing attention where it is desperately needed."
If you will forgive the outside link, here is what I wrote in response on my own blog:


And yes, thank you for keeping these stories front and center. If we don't speak up for our own community, who will?