TDOR First In The Castro As The Transgender Flag is Flown

The Transgender Flag Flying Over The Castro

On November 19, 2012, in honor of the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, the trans-flag was flown on the famous Castro flag pole for the first time, offering, as one speaker said, "proof that times are changing." ~ Castro Biscuit

It was a hard fought bitter campaign for trans and our allies as the powers that be in the land Harvey Milk finally relented and allowed the transgender flag to fly instead of the gay pride flag for one day. But will it be the last and only time?

If some gay folks have there way it will be the only time a trans flag is flown over the Harvey Milk Plaza even though different versions of the gay flag fly with some regularity. According to the Castro Biscuit they (MUMC) also declare that this would be the last ‘non-Pride flag to be flown over the Castro’. One member of MUMC went as far to say, “we can’t fly every flag we get a request for-what if the Nazi’s came asked to fly theirs?”

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