Meet Happy Couple Deborah Trans and Robert Cis. Address: San Quentin

Reading the excellent huff Post peice in which Mara Keisling And Cecilia Chung Discuss How The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Affects LGBT People, I became curious. What is it really like for a trans person behind bars and having only spent a couple over nights in my misspent youth locked up way before transition, I decided to learn a little about the elephant in the trans room.

These two, sisters and brothers had the misfortune and missteps to end up where I might have, had not my higher power intervened  Robert and Deborah come on about half the way through but its well worth watching the whole thing.

This is number two of a four part series. Watch it then the other parts`. Its like eating potato chips. You can't eat just one, you have to go back again and again.

In no way do I wish to romanticize prison or suggest it is a viable alternative to our lives outside. From my experience being locked up I will tell you it was like my wings had been cut. I was repeatedly humiliated, not by other prisoners because I was segregated, but by the guards who found no end to the enjoyment sadistic bastards.

According to the Huff Post article most of the times LGBT prisoners are raped its the guards doing it. To anyone who has spent time in the Army this should come as no surprise when you think about it, in terms of the power structure.

And its brutal. Extremely brutal. Read more on the Huffington Post.

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Unknown said...

This documentary was launched early 2008 on the bbc. Debra, unfortunately passed away on September 5 2008. Cant find anymore info on how, anywhere