TVC Throws *Bibles In Attack Against Transgender Teachers.

*Unread Bibles

The "Traditional Values Coalition" (TVC)fearful of losing presence in Congress has come out swinging wildly against our allies in both Houses.

TVC Press Release: ENDA Hurts Kids: "H.R. 1397/S. 811, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), is radical legislation that hurts kids and forces schools to hire or retain transgendered teachers in every school district in America -- granting them protected minority status. ENDA is also a clear violation of the religious liberties and rights of conscience of Christian business owners."

  Lies, misinformation and hate mongering. The truth about HR1397.

1. ENDA does not 'force' anyone to hire transgender people, it only disallows discrimination based on our gender expression and identity. The most qualified will continue to be hired and retained.

2. ENDA does not violate religious liberties, it protects all religions as it should.

Miss Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) spokesperson Andrea Lafferty, here's the dictionary definition of Inapplicable  which is what ENDA is to religious institutions.

3. The..."conscience of Christian business owners".. who actually read the Bible will be positively affected by ENDA. The Bible speaks about transgender people three times affirming us as gods children. God did. Jesus Christ did and after Jesus ascension to heaven the Holy Spirit acted directing a conservative pastor to baptize a black transgender person so others would know.

ENDA only affects people with boundless hatred, obviously not Christian people.

This is clearly a malicious attack not by a follower of Christ but by a very evil, evil person.

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