Stacie Laughton First Elected Transgender NH Law Maker to Resign Before Taking Office

Stacie Laughton a convicted felon who was elected without informing her supporters of her criminal record is drafting a resignation letter before actually assuming the office she was elected to. NH RSA 607-A:2:1  states a person may not hold public office until they have completed probation.

Source Nashua Patch: "Although she did fulfill the terms of her 12-month sentence on conspiracy to commit fraud, since two of the convictions against her were suspended pending 10 years good behavior, she has six more years to wait for her chance to run for office.

"I'm extremely disappointed," Laughton said Tuesday during a phone interview, after conferring with New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley and Gene Martin, the party's director of research and legislative outreach.

Laughton said she also conferred with her own attorney, who advised her that she could fight it, but did not have a strong case.
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