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"Older Republican Cross Dressers", a unsuccesfull Kickstarter public fund raiser framed as an Avant-garde project, going where no respectable film maker has dared, but enduring that steamy side, the living rooms of old cross dressers to understand why, just why do they do it.
Hope they find what they are searching for...
"The liberals have no clue" says one heterosexual Republican cross dresser. "I'm a patriot" says another  transvestite explaining why he's a Republican and I guess in some way why he's allowing himself to be filmed.

I'm down with it so far. Everyone should have the right express there gender and or sexuality.

OK but this is different. The trailer seems to intent to educate amuse/humiliate a la Jerry Springer exhibiting older conservative transvestites in compromising bar scenes.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I was proud of the Republican special forces guy. Yes, you and I have vastly different political beliefs but we were in the Army for the same reasons.

I never asked any of my fellow soldiers about there political beliefs and I never asked any of the cross dressers about that who attended a Church in Fort Worth I used to go to. I'm sure many were politically Conservative, but so what?

I do know they were courageous intelligent older cisgender hetero men. I learned that  when they invited the police chief to the one meeting I was invited to. They had a great conversation with him about their unique concerns should they be stopped en fem.

It's a sucker
Click Here to Watch the Old Republican Cross Dressers
Obuchoska and filmmaker Mark Brady made the natural melding of conservatism and gender diversity the focus of this fund raiser and want 18 grand to finish ridiculing asking. As of Nov 10 2012 with three days left on the Kickstarter project they have only raised about a grand. Wonder why.

More at The Villager

I'm sure the Radphlegms could cough up with some cash, if they only knew.

And Kickstarter turned down my project to document the 2012 Moscow Pride?

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