Feds spend $200K to find out why transwoman on Facebook get HIV/AIDS and addicted at disproportionately high rates.

From the are you out outta your fucking federated mind file.

The Free Beacon  reports that  "The Friends Research Institute", based in Maryland, received $194,788 last month to begin the project operating on the premise that due to “transphobia” transgendered women are forced to use social media as an outlet, often leading to risky sexual behaviors."

“As a result of discrimination/stigma, prejudice, and individual and structural forms of transphobia, transwomen form dense communities comprised primarily of other transwomen,” it said."

"The latest government research project argues that transwomen use social network websites to “develop social support structures, connect with members of their community, receive positive and re- affirming perspectives on their gender identity, and inform behavioral norms.” They also use online groups to gain illegal hormones and find “sex work partners,” according to the grant."

The grant will enable researchers to understand why our using Facebook as a medium for socializing leads to drug addiction, barebacking, wild drug parties and prostitution.

The sound of screeching brakes followed by a thick blue cloud of WTF?

OK, maybe I don't travel in circles that encourage chasers or drug use and I'm sure there are groups of people on Facebook who leave themselves open to suggestions for said activities, but as a preponderance of purpose for us to facebook I'm like, are you outta of your ever loving federated minds?

When I lived on the street the last thing I had money for was Internet. Seriously feds, get a grip.

Or am I just naive? You tell me. Is there an increased risk of HIV infection should I click the facebook icon?

I know I'm a constant target for predators there, and I suppose if I were young dumb and full of estrogen I might have actually met one of those men who have tried to engage me. Today someone started a PM and quickly asked if I wanted to 'party' and see pictures of him. Was that one of the fed's hand puppets?

Or was that a missed opportunity to become re-addicted to sex and drugs?

In any case I feel like I am being spied on by the federal government in the only safe space I know of. Hey feds I got a message for you. FUCKING FUCK OFF and leave us alone. Yes this is the only safe place we have to gather. DUH? Put that in your study and smoke it.

Or is this study a good idea? Supposedly this study will be contained to "IPAD Studies" and not entail  casually trolling our pages like I'm sure that they did in the first place in order to get the idea for the grant.

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