Houston Mayor capitulates to haters throwing transgender people under the bus?

Mayor Parker capitulated to haters allowing businesses owners to subjectively
discriminate and demonize transgender people after amending her proposed
"human rights" ordnance.

The pressure was too much for Mayor Annise Parker. The mayor a political aspirant for state office appeased the haters changing her proposed human rights ordinance Tuesday to allow proprietors to decide if a person is truly transgender. This will allow proprietors to subjectively bar trans people from public accommodations.

This is an outrage. What if the bill were to be amended to allow business owners to determine if a person was white enough to use their public accommodations.

Who wait, that was how it used to be in Houston? So Parker please remind me again why you call this a human rights ordnance?

The amendment  didn't appease opponents who protested after Parker's announcement.
Look at these people Parker. These are the people you are giving permission to
discriminate against us.

The Houston Chron reports
Mayor Annise Parker and supporters of her proposed nondiscrimination ordinance announced a compromise Tuesday in hopes of deflecting controversy over a small provision that had dominated discussion on the measure.

A paragraph specifying that no business open to the public could deny a transgender person entry to the restroom consistent with his or her gender identity had outraged conservatives. Church and Republican political leaders have used the clause to claim the ordinance "provides an opportunity for sexual predators to have access to our families."

Members of the gay, lesbian and transgender community were equally outraged, however, by a clause that would give businesses an out if the defendant had a "good faith belief" that the person's claim of being transgender was disingenuous.

The proposed amendment would remove that paragraph of the expansive ordinance. Transgender people barred access to a restroom still would be able to file a discrimination complaint to the city's Office of Inspector General under the process outlined for all protected characteristics, such as race and veteran status.

"The base ordinance is still the same," Parker said. "It says you can't discriminate."

How about if you ammend it to allow a propritor to decide if you are too gay and allow him to bar you Parker?

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