Join in person a vigil and demand that Nigerian Islamic militants #Bringbackourgirls

My silence and inaction = acquiescence to slavery.

Nigerian Islamic militants have abducted into slavery over 260 secondary school girls. They are deathly afraid that empowered with knowledge they would not as adults stand for their religious intolerance and extremism.

I've always imagined if I had lived, when slavery was legal in the states, I'd been one of the railroad conductors. A conductor to freedom from slavery. Well now is my chance.

 But, I hesitate thinking its happening if a distant country, let them handle this. I mean hasen't Obama sending help to find them?

 But what of the fearless defender of freedom, I imagine I'd been?
It's time to walk the walk. I am a grass roots human rights advocate. I have the ways and means to be at a vigil. I have this platform to invite others to do the same.  There are rallies taking place in the next 7 days I'll be in Houston Texas May 10th Saturday at 12pm in Macy's old parking lot. Across the street from the Galleria which is located at 5085 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77056. Event page.

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