How climbing helped this transgender athlete explore their identity

Lor Sabourin climbing Arizona's "Cousin of Death"

  Rock climbing is physically and mentally demanding, but for Lor Sabourin, it represents much more than just sport. Being a trans climber, Sabourin welcomes the vulnerability that climbing forces you to confront. #CNN #News


The CNN video on Youtube was downvoted by an overwhelming number of biggots and haters. They made it clear by their comments that they are cowards and afraid of trans people who are able to accomplish their goals.

The full version of the video below is well worth watching.

The approximate line of Cousin of Death (5.13+, 5 pitches) in northern Arizona. [Photo] Lor Sabourin

On Nov 29, 2020, Lor Sabourin made a no-falls free ascent of the trad-climbing testpiece, Cousin of Death—a five pitch, 5.13+ in northern Arizona (Apache, Hopi, Pueblo and Hohokam territory). Three of the route's five pitches are 5.13b or harder. Lor's climb was the first integral ascent of the route (the individual pitches were all freed last year by local climber, Joel Unema, who established the route with Blake McCord a few years ago).

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