Angie Zapata's accused killer to be tried for for 1st degree murder

"Colorado judge unsympathetic to 'transgender panic' argument" According to the PageOneQ report.

This is great news. An American transgender woman will be protected by law. We transgender have a special place of rage for the outrageous "Trans Panic" defense.

Ok I got to beatch about something ya know. In the following paragraphs is this often printed account of the circumstances leading to the horrific death of Angie Zapata;

"The two had met in person through a social networking website on July 15 and engaged once in oral sex. The next day, Andrade, upon looking at photographs in the apartment and becoming suspicious, confronted Zapata and soon beat her unconscious with a fire extinguisher and left her to die after grabbing her crotch and discovering her male genitalia."

WHO AND WHERE ARE YOU ACREDIATING THIS ACOUNT TO QONE? Could it be this killer has had ANAL sex with Angie? Are you taking this often published account as verbatim and publishing what everyone else has? That kind of reporting leads to misconceptions that lead to our deaths. Maybe they did not even have SEX at all. Maybe he killed her just out of hatred?

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Queers United said...

it just brings tears to my eyes, i hope justice is served in the name of this young lady