Gay Republicans Endorse McCain-Palin Ticket

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Gay Republicans Endorse McCain-Palin Ticket
"Log Cabin Republicans, a group representing gay Republicans, endorsed Arizona Sen. John McCain ’s presidential bid today as the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., hits its full stride. The group’s board voted by 12-2 to support the ticket led by McCain and his choice for vice presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ."

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Toby September 05, 2008 2:04 PM
"A gay Republican is similar to a Jewish member of the NAZI party or a black member of the KKK. Particularly in view of the very close involvement of the Republican leadership with the homophobic agenda of the religious right, any LGBT person supporting them needs a serious relationship with a shrink."

ill Curley September 05, 2008 3:29 PM
"Why would anyone be at all surprised? The "Log Cabin Republicans" have been putting the forward attempts of the Human Rights Campaign behind their Agenda of continuing the struggles in Iraq and Afghanistan until McCain achieves a self defined "Win", continued dissolution of the "middle class", the continued strict religious conservatism policies, enforced by the nomination of Sarah Palin that has been one of the root causes of the bullying, continued harassment and deaths of our brother's and sisters. This is an organization an educated and caring GLBT individual would support neither financially or its policies."
I am going to take this one step further. Who is making HRC rich? It surely is not the working class.


shrink on the couch said...

I'll never understand Log Cabin Repubs. I guess they put low taxes ahead of, oh, I don't know, peace of mind, integrity and personal happiness.

Unknown said...

A website called Boycott HRC last week reported that a "reliable source" told them HRC had donated $10,000 to the LCR, while giving none to the National Stonewall Democrats.

TransAdvocate, meanwhile, published an email purportedly sent from NSD co-chair Steve Driscoll to executive director Jon Hoadley, among others. In this email, Driscoll derides HRC for their "high-handedness" at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and gripes that the organization had been stonewalling discussions on a possible 2008 collaboration.

Driscoll also writes that Marty Rouse, HRC's National Field Director, affirmed they had given money the LCR. He concludes with a searing string of curses for HRC:

…Might also add, that after beginning discussions with HRC in OCTOBER about collaborating on events for the Democratic National Convention (to avoid the the anger and resentment they engendered by their high-handedness in Boston four years ago) as well as requests for sponsorship of the NSD Denver convention, AND following up with phone calls every two months with no return calls, I finally heard from them TODAY that no sponsorship would be forthcoming.

When I pointed out to Marty Rouse last week that they sponsored the Logs Convention, his response was “Oh right, we did, didn’t we”. I then pointed out the obvious, that there were a lot more of us than there were of them - and I got no response when I asked what they got for their purportedly $10,000 to the Logs.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am absolutely furious about this. Not only is this inequitable, it’s fuckin dismissive and disrespectul [sic]. The task Force is at least giving us a stack of tickets to their Unity Dance. From HRC we’re getting bupkiss - and worse.

Worse than bupkiss?! Perish the thought!

Of this story, HRC media man Brad Luna had this to say, "That is not true."

Log Cabin leader Pa†rick Sammon also says the information's erroneous.

And, finally, NSD media maven John Marble remarked, "I looked into this. Apparently that was a private email which was based on information that is now incorrect. It looks like that HRC did not sponsor the LCR event."