Transgender and Queer Questionnaire

Today we received an email from a Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church. I am sure Rev. Colleen Darraugh Lead Pastor MCC of Greater Dallas, did not expect any recognition for her efforts, only asking us to "pass it on" and "make it widely available". ( a little plug for ya church sister ;)

Please take a few moments and complete this lovely survey from our brothers and sisters at the the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force who have partnered with National Center for Transgender Equality and the Pennsylvania State University’s Center for the Study of Higher Education to collect and analyze this data.

You do not need to be trans to do it. You can be whomever you are and or aspire to be.....I'm kinda queer/trannie.....

This maybe the first only fully inclusive, non intrusive, totaly free, scholastically certifiable trans world, transuniversal transgender and gender queer questionnaire to have full access to the millions via the Internet! Wow. Not only are we filling in the squares to make cute designs, we are participating in history.

~kelli Busey

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Queers United said...

I posted about this on my blog last night, I was under the impression it was only for trans folks. If its open to everyone I'd gladly take it to help the gender variant community.