The Whole World Wasn’t Watching- Ambiguous Genitalia Leads To Infant’s Death

Location: Dallas, Texas
Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head, as well as strangulation, allegedly by the child's mother, Aruna Kavili.
Date of Death: December 8, 1999
Source: The Dallas Morning News, February 12, 2000


Ambiguous Genitalia Leads To Infant’s Death
In an evolving case in Dallas, Texas, a mother has been charged with killing her own child on December 8, 1999, simply because the child was born with ambiguous genitalia.

The baby was three days old, and died of blunt force trauma to the head, as well as strangulation.

Investigators were initally told that, while Gangaudaya Kavali, the father, was at the store, and his wife, Aruna Kavili, was in the bathroom, a stranger entered the apartment, grabbed the newborn from a couch and threw him outside.

Dallas police have concluded that this was not the case, noting that their investigation has shown that the newborn was dead only three hours after his parents brought him home from the hospital. Further, physical evidence did not support the couple’s account.

A Collin County Medical Examiner also found shards of glass in the baby’s esophagus and small intestine, possibily indicating that someone initally tried to kill the child by forcing them to eat glass, in an effort to cause internal bleeding.

Investigators from Child Protective Services, who have custody of the parents 2-year-old daughter, have indicated that she appears to have knowledge of her siblings death.

Detectives won’t speculate whether Aruna Kavili allegedly killed her child because she was ashamed, or because she was pressured into doing so by her husband.

Mr. Kavali has not been charged.

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