Dispute over Crews Inn trans ban heads to mediation

According to a recent Dallas Voice article article the transgressed upon transgender woman who have been protesting discrimination may not get a public apology or an admission of guilt from David Moore, Co-Owner of the Dallas Gay bar "Crews Inn". Protest leader Celeste Williams says it has been ‘worth it’ to stand up to discrimination, but she’s not optimistic that she’ll get the apology she wants."

The general feeling by the protesters is that making people aware that Gay, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender people are not going accept discrimination and will stand together to oppose it is a victory by it's self.

It is also agreed on that the fair and unbiased reporting of the Dallas Voice has contributed to the public understanding that transgender people are normal law abiding citizens.

This belief system is normal for Dallas Texas, but just being explored Gainsville Florida and recently confirmed in Maryland and the state of Colorado.


Queers United said...

keep up the fight, you are all getting a lot of media attention and the owners of crews inn will buckle eventually. nobody wants bad press.

planet trans said...

Thanks Queers United! We feel victorious because of the unity or community has shown for one of our own. We are blessed to live in a society where free speech s valued. We are grateful for living in Dallas where we have legal protections as GLBT people from discrimination.
Celeste did file a complaint with the With the Dallas Department of Fair Housing which enforces LGBT protections against discrimination in...

"Place of Public Accommodation – means any of the following establishments if they are open to the general public and, for compensation, offer any product, service, or facility to the general public. Examples may include any inn, hotel, motel, restaurant, gas station, theater, concert hall, sports arena or stadium, etc."