Demand Dr. Phil show give positive coverage on LGBT issues.

Dr. Phil the profiteer has once again crossed the line of common decency. Dr. Phil is planning new shows that profit from discrediting , maligning and marginalizing bisexuals and gay people.

Once again. If we respond as before we can bring enough pressure on Dr. Phil to pull these show that intentionally miss inform and marginalize our LGBT community.".

Dr. Phil has been on a crusade to pathologize gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people with shows about "gender confused children"

and "experimental bisexuality" and by giving a platform to so called experts on "ex-gay therapy"from Focus on the Family. Since the APA refuted the basis of Focus on The Families argument based on reparative therapy this sort of show only serves to muddy the water.

Now he is going to host two shows, one called "Teen Experimenting With Bisexuality?" and "Struggling With Sexual Identity?" Given his past record, the shows titles and descriptions, a serious red flag is being raised.

Boycott Dr. Phil and let him know why by contacting him.

Dr. Phil show

5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902

Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Maren said...

Here's what I wrote to him. Anyone can feel free to copy or borrow from this:

It's extremely offensive and hurtful that you have chosen to air so much anti-gay, anti-bisexual, and anti-transgender nonsense, including diatribes from "experts" on "ex-gay" therapy from Focus On The Family. Have you heard of the American Psychological Association's study showing how harmful these "reparative therapies" are? Try getting your facts straight. You could have a much more interesting program if you were more fair-minded, and a lot of people would stop boycotting you!