Lesbian Senator's Transgender Husband Picked to Lead Pride

Correction: This post incorrectly stated that Mr. Hosie is co patron of the 2009 Perth Pride. The article should read Mr. Hosie was co patron of the 2008 Pride. Last updated 8/11/2009

Perth Australia. Aram Hosie a transgender man and powerhouse gender advocate was named a co-patron of the Perth 2008 Pride festive. As if that's not enough Mr. Hosie's partner Louise Pratt a out lesbian Senator is currently representing the state of Western Australia!

This is truly inspirational.


Unknown said...

hey. you've misread our article. aram was pride patron LAST year. the article clearly states it was written in 2008. we have an article mentioning aram in regards to the new passport legislation on our homepage. thanks.

planet trans said...

I will correct this article. I am sorry about the confusion,