Stacie Laughton, First Transgender NH Lawmaker A Convicted Felon

Only one person in the Granite State knew of the criminal history of the first transgender legislator elected in New Hampshire.  But it wasn't for sure any of the pro LGBT writers like me as I scrambled to applaud her win.

Evidently Laughton served 4 1/2 months for 2008 for conspiracy to commit credit card fraud. Laughton's probation ended on November 22, 2010. She was ordered to pay $1,991 in restitution, of which $1,706 remains unpaid. And the rap sheet goes on and on....

Stacie Marie Laughton posted these two statements on her Facebook page this weekend.

"I am sorry for the people that can't let my past go. I have made mistakes just like everyone else. No one is perfect. I don't want to talk about my past nor do I care about my past. I live for today and my future. If you want to talk about me please by all means do so. At least your leaving someone else alone. That is all I have to say about it."

1588 voters voted in the most recent election I thank them for their vote of confidence in me. Over the years I have worked hard to change myself to better myself so that I may be a better servant to my community. While I work hard everyday to better my community republicans from across the state have nothing better to do then to dig into my past to use it against me from this moment on all that m...
atters is the hard work and dedication that I will show for the citizens of my district. We all have things in our past that we are not proud of and that we can not erase, but we are all human beings and human beings are capable of change. So please keep an open mind as we move forward together."
Read the lowdown on Laughton at the Laconia Daily Sun. It ain't pretty.

I really don't know if Laughton broke any laws in New Hampshire but I do know she broke a scared bond of trust. By not making her past public knowledge before running she has compromised all transgender peoples integrity especially other politicians. There won't be a Radfem, anti trans politician or hater of any kind that will not use this to the fullest extent they can.

I mean as a transgender blogger and advocate am I supposed to run a criminal history check on our community's icons before I write about them? Oh course we all have history, some more than others but....if you are going to run for office and use my communities good standing to do so you better be forthcoming about any felonies.


Lysana said...

I'm surprised her opposition didn't bring it up. And while she's served time, she really should've cleared up that back debt before running. It's just not seemly to be still affected by something like that while on the campaign trail. Of course, a white cis man wouldn't get the same heat for it. Especially since trans women have enough problems with being accused of duplicity without one of the more visible trans women in the US being a credit card fraudster.

Stephanie said...


I can see that a lot of this has been out there for a long time.

I'm only surprised that CB didn't post about it until 11/9 ... she must be slowing down. ;)


Dr. Herb said...

Well, so far she hasn't committed a crime SINCE being elected. I don't expect my candidates to be perfect just because they are part of my group. I do expect them to serve with integrity. Let's see how she does.

planet trans said...

Fair enough Dr. Herb, if she can weather the righteous indignation of her constituents.
Who knows.

It's just incomprehensible to me how anyone would run for a office as visible that, as a minority, one of the most vulnerable minoritys, without fully disclosing information they have to know will endanger their job and damage the good name of the minority.

But then I'm definitely not a politician.

Thank god.