Former San Antonio transgender contractor who filed a discrimination complaint stonewalled

Last year amid much applause the City of San Antonio passed an amendment to its non discrimination ordinances to include LGBT people. The ordnance which repeatedly and pointedly promises no delays to employment complaints brought San Antonio in line with the other large Texas cities.

The first complaint was filed shortly after by Matthew Hileman, who worked for ATT, which contracted to the city. Hileman said ATT stood by idly as co workers mocked and threatened him for being transgender, even posting defamatory note on his chair.

The city didn't delay acting on the complaint. They stonewalled Hileman.

The city told him in a letter embedded below, that they would not act until ATT and the contracting company he was employed by voluntarily submitted their internal reviews.

A company will never release internal investigations, unless they are required to and the San Antonio bureaucrats knew that. They also told him they needed an investigation by the federal governments EEOC office before they proceeded. None of those requirements were included in ordnance, which is posted below.

In fact, the city did not act until local media put a spotlight back on the case.

According to Lonestar Q , the city has requested its first meet with Hileman on Tuesday February 18th, two months after filing the complaint.

. Sec. 2-558. Complaints, procedure. (a) City employees may register complaints of discrimination with the city equal employment division, and complaints will be given prompt consideration. An investigation to determine the cause for the complaint will be conducted and findings will be acted upon without undue delay. (b) All complaints will be investigated by the equal employment opportunity division and findings submitted to the city manager or designee without undue delay. Findings also will be relayed to the complainant and other persons officially involved. If it is determined that a violation has been committed, the situation will be corrected without undue delay. (c) Discrimination complaints will be submitted in writing to the equal employment opportunity division. The equal employment opportunity division will be available to assist in aiding city employees who may lack the skill to submit the written report. (d) An interview with the equal employment opportunity division will be scheduled to verify the following: When the alleged violation occurred. Against whom the alleged discrimination was registered. Location of the alleged offense. Person allegedly discriminated against. Nature of the alleged offense. Names of all persons and witnesses involved. Remedy sought by the complainant. (Ord. No. 2013-09-05-0577, § 1, 9-5-13)

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