Italian transgender peep brutally arrested in Sochi for waving the rainbow flag

Vladimir Luxuria the former MP of the Communist PRC and first transgender person elected to the Parliament in Europe was arrested today by Russian police as she waved a rainbow flag at the winter Olympics in Sochi.

"attitude of the agents was brutal and aggressive. Nobody speaks English"

Luxuria now sits alone in a room with neon lights on the face, allegedly in police custody after tweeting a picture of herself in Medal Plaza in front of the Olympic rings, holding a fan with the colors of the rainbow flag of peace.

""I'm in Sochi! Greetings with the colors of the rainbow, in the face of Putin!""

Yahoo Italia sports reports "Luxuria's post, in protest against homophobic laws of Vladimir Putin have prompted several state leaders to boycott the opening ceremony. The Russian president, however, in the past days had tried to defuse the controversy by being embraced to resume skater Irene Wurst, Dutch star speed that has never hidden his homosexuality. Before the news of the arrest of transgender, born Wladimir Gain, had also issued a statement a spokesman for the Gay Center, Fabrizio Marrazzo."

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