Transgender woman gunned down in Itabela, Brazil

A transgender woman was murdered by two men while talking to a woman at a sidewalk bar nearby house where she lived, police said. According to the agency, the crime happened late on Wednesday (29), in municipality of Itabela , about 690 km from Salvador .

The principal delegate José Hermano Costa Carvalho, infromou the G1 that the victim, 35, was killed around 20h40. "sHe was on a sidewalk, five meters from home, talking to a woman when two men came and participated in the discussion. Few minutes later shot they shot her" he explains.
The delegate also it is thought that the suspects are minors. Police said Marcus lived with an old man who witnessed the action of giving rise to suspicion. The motivation is unknown. The victim's body was sent to the Medical Intituto Statutory Eunápolis (IML). The case is being investigated by the Civil Police. ~ Source

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