Meet Transgender model Sarina Thai who went bare-breasted in Grand Central Station for equality

Standing like a statue in the middle of Grand Central Station this topless transgender woman is making a statement for equality.

Sarina Thai braved the stares and comments long enough for these pictures to be taken. In the process, a cis woman went to the police hysterically complaining about a 'naked woman."

Many were surprised to see photographer Allen Henson's return to a public place for a shoot like this since he is being sued for a million dollars after photographing a bare-breasted woman on the empire state building earlier in the year. It is legal for a woman to go topless in New York but it's a subjective law, defined by an officer's perception of lewd behavior.

I wondered what makes a person bare themselves in such a way, so I contacted model Sarina Thai who graciously answered my questions. Sarina, thank you for this is opportunity to interview you.

I would like to open up by asking about you, the person inside the model. You are originally from Bangkok? Please tell us about growing up there.
"Yes , I grow up in Bangkok since I was 8 years old. I was born in the city called Phrae in North of Thailand. In Bangkok I was in a private all-boy boarding school for 10 years. Even though I have a lot of male friends I was not desired to be male. I wanted to be female when I was young."

Sarina, you are a gorgeous woman who has traveled the world doing amazing work. Please tell us about your favorite project.

My favorite project is NYFW Fall/Winter 2014 I had a chance to collaborate with up and coming designers and artists. It was a great time great experiences.

I am a huge fan of the feminist group "Femen." Their topless advocacy has made an indelible statement as yours has too.

Your shoot at the Grand Central station is amazing and courageous. What inspired you to go topless. Is there a statement you would like to make about that shoot?

Sarina Thai on Pin it

"I am standing up for a demographic that has been marginalized. Given that I am publicly promoting LGBT equality, especially Transgender."

Putting a explanation point on her reasons for showing her magnificent curves alfresco to New Yorkers Sarina said:
"I really disagree with Tim Gunn  ( Project Runway Mentor )'s opinion about trans women modeling women's clothing."

Gunn, a gay man doesn't embrace gender diversity in the way most trans and enlightened cisgender people do, instead he embraces the gender binary on the runway. Although Sarina has the body any cis woman would envy its not those curves that make her the model she is. Its what's inside, what motivates, what inspires. Transgender people are so lucky to have this courageous beautiful woman to model and advocate on our behalf.

Minnoji from modaCYCLE on Vimeo.

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Ani said...

Interesting article. I take it the photographer, Allen Henson, is on something of a mission. Am I mistaken that million-dollar lawsuit model is transgender as well?