Vblogger Grace Helbig schleps her new full length feature with a transphobic joke

Grace Helbig a popular you tube Vloger is trying to bring attention to a new feature length movie she acts in by insulting and invalidating transgender woman. Evidently she doesn't respect us or care that we are human beings.

In this you tube she calls a 'day of education' she answers a tumblr question, 'how do I tell a guy I don't want to go out with him but nicely" explaining "tomorrow's Valentine's day and you might be asked out on dates with people you don't necessarily want to go with, or don't fell attracted to and its always very awkward and you don't want to make that person feel bad because they put themselves out there and made themselves vulnerable by asking you first place. So 25 things you can say that avoid saying yes to the date but in a relatively nice and or non meanish way."

Number 1. "something something flappy bird"

Number 2. "Thank you so much but I'm not actually no actually a woman, a girl or female. I'm packing peanuts if you now what I mean."

21. "I only date other guys."

She then goes on to insult homeless people and other assorted folks.

I would say if you find this as offensive as I do report her on YouTube, but by all means do not buy her video.


Abraxas said...

This is offensive to literally everyone who thinks and isn't living inside this small, small box of ignorance she apparently occupies...

planet trans said...


Jairmy said...

Ok, so, i'm not trying to be insensitive or anything, but......really? Is it the "joke" at #21 about only dating other men? While its not really that funny, how is it the 'most horribly insensitive comment ever" ?when reading the title, i was prepared for some good ole bible thumping, venomous hatred and blatant bigotry but instead was greeted by a slightly off, vague, undirected bad humor! You can rip ,e up all you want, but aren't you getting a bit carried away over a silly comment that wasn't even meant to be derogatory. Again, it may have been misguided, but to portray this woman as "transphobic" and "bigoted" is way too far. Why don't you focus on the real haters, we all know theres enough of them who deserve to be verbally spanked.

Scott said...

Well this is a good example of hypersensitivity. If you've watched Grace for any length of time you'd know all too well that she is highly LBGT friendly and only the only time she exhibits anything even a little bit racist towards anyone is as a joke or twisted play on words. Check out her video the next day, she acknowledged and apologized to anyone who might have been offended by that video.