Transgender woman Vladimir Luxuria released by police at the Olympics is planning another demonstration

After a swift diplomatic intervention by the Italian government the popular TV personality was freed overnight and vowed to return to the Olympic site.
A spokesman for Italy’s Foreign Ministry told the Daily Mail: ‘Our team worked for her freedom from the very first moment. She was released within 24 hours.’
She was not injured or threatened by the Russian police, the Ministry said.
The popular TV personality, who was an MP in the 2006 Prodi government, was in Russia to interview members of the Italian Olympic team.
Miss Luxuria had earlier declared her intention to protest against the law by wearing drag to an Olympic hockey match to be attended by her namesake Vladimir Putin.

Luxuria told ANSA she plans to attend women's Olympic hockey semifinals Monday between Canada and Switzerland, and suggested she will demonstrate in some way, while stressing she was unsure if it would step over the boundaries of the law against gay propaganda in the presence of minors.

"In any case, I will not go unnoticed," Luxuria said. Luxuria added that she was in good condition, staying in a hotel in Sochi.

Vladi è stata liberata, #freeluxuria

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