Why I am working for same sex marriage

Many transgender people feel it is a vindication of their
prognostication that because Gay and Lesbians are struggling for
marriage equality and there is no concrete evidence of unconditional
commitment by the Human Rights Campaign to support a gender inclusive
ENDA that HRC has no intention to 'return' for us.

I work for human rights. I make no distinction as to who will benefit
by my work.

I have so many dear friends who are suffering so. The lives of each
of their family members have been turned upside down since the rights
of the minority which they belong to have been removed by a popular

Stop and think about who your friends are. Children and adults who by
grace are in loving families that they may have otherwise never known.

Without further definition as to who they are and who the majority is
I am compelled to action. We only have today to be true to ourselves
and friends.

Sounds familiar? We protest loudly with righteous indignation when
our allies "threw us under the bus". Now it is our opportunity to
raise above anger, above self involvement and jealousy to be the ally
that we wish to have. We can only claim this title if we care enough,
now, today.

Lets Make today our living stonewall. We can make this statement. I
will not leave you behind. I will stand with you and fight for you.
You are my friend.

You are my ally.

kelli Busey
Transgender woman of faith


Queers United said...

We must all fight together, HRC doesn't speak for us all, those of us who believe in true eq and an inclusive ENDA and hate crimes, and marriage equality need to be united.

shrink on the couch said...

Yes, at a minimum modeling the unity you are hoping to benefit from. On a broader level thanks for your committment to fight for what is right, to strive for all that are left behind, not select or preferential groups.

Sasha_of_CCL said...

This was a very moving post and I want to say that I take the same stand as you do, but conversely for the trans community. I plan on writing about this topic in the future and doing anything I can to promote inclusiveness within the community.

I want to take the same stand and say:
I will not leave you behind. I will stand with you and fight for you.
You are my friend.

You are my ally.

BadNewsBarbie said...

Of course we are allies, we have to be. We all have to unite to do anything.