Dallas Area Transit (DART) Attorneys Pressure Judge to Reverse Transgender Women's Gender Marker Order

Dart Tyrannically crushes a transgender woman's life and steals her legal identity.

By Kelli Anne Busey/Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies

Found in the Dallas Voice "DART stands accused of bigotry and transphobia after attorneys for the local transit agency intervened in family court last year to challenge a gender-marker change granted to an employee."

"According to court records, a transgender DART employee obtained a court order in February 2009 directing all state agencies to correct their records by changing her gender-marker from male to female, including on her birth certificate."

"But DART’s attorneys objected to the gender-marker change and responded by filing a motion seeking a rehearing in court. DART’s objections prompted 301st Family District Court Judge Lynn Cherry to reverse her order granting the gender-marker change."

Is it legally permissible for a publicly funded service agency to employee it's attorneys to influence a family judge's decision in a private matter which results in that persons entire life ruined?

That is tyrannical. !Notice! The DFW LGBT community will not accept this.

This jeopardizes all transgender people in Texas.

Ironically the DART mission statement says one of the purposes that DART was formed was to "improve the quality of life'. That statement should be rewritten DART "will subjectively elect which citizen it will tyrannically oppress and reserves the right to use public funds to accomplish this goal.

DART Mission Statement
DART's mission statement defines the purpose for which the Agency was created:

The mission of Dallas Area Rapid Transit is to build, establish and operate a safe, efficient and effective transportation system that, within the DART Service Area, provides mobility, improves the quality of life, and stimulates economic development through the implementation of the DART Service Plan as adopted by the voters on August 13, 1983, and as amended from time to time.


Pamela Curry said...

Verbally this employee was told they were not going to allow her to marry someone and add him to the insurance. What will they (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) oppose next single parent adoptions, same sex partner adoptions, adoptions of special needs kids. Because insurance risk would escalate relative to premium, devastating the the profit/risk/premium triangle.

The argument that this is the Bible belt was also used defending their actions to her. If employees or a company wants to practice their flawed interpretation of scripture they need to open a church and get out of the PUBLIC sector. Everyone should be very scared of this.

Moral of the story "Every race in every election matters". With that I would remind everyone that your right to vote is liken to the highest most blessed sacrament of democracy.

planet trans said...

Pamela, would you please contact me at kellibusey@yahoo.com