Angie Zapata's Life and Death : changed how we are treated

When Angie Zapata was murdered the popular and common practice of mainstream media was to frantically capitalize unmercifully in hopes of obtaining optimum monetary gain by sensationalizing the horrific murders of the gender diverse. The following articles by other media outlets religiously parroted transphobic catch phrases in unabashed bids to grab a piece of the media pie.

This immoral and reprehensible practice perpetuated violence and contributed to a misconception that transgender people were unprotected and uncared for.

But the implications of allowing this practice to proceed unabated reaches even further into our social fabric. All of womankind suffers in a like manner and perhaps far worse as crimes against the cisgendered are often not even reported, much less front page news.

All that came to a halt as an out cry of protests from transgender advocates and allies screamed "Not with Angie."

We can all help, straight and GLBT, to make the lives of our mothers, sisters and daughters, brothers and lovers of value. We can allow this to be a bright new shining day where we can wake and say, today I will care for someone a little more.

By kelli Busey
January 01, 2009

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