Tell Pepsi THANK YOU For Supporting Our Families!

Last week, the American Family Association launched a boycott of PepsiCo. The AFA boycott is based, in part, on the PepsiCo Foundation's support of PFLAG’s Straight for Equality in the Workplace project.

Please let Pepsi know that you appreciate their support for our families and will support the company when you are shopping.

Please call PepsiCo's customer relations line at 1-800-433-2652 today.

When you call, please be brief in your comments. Politely tell the operator that:

You are a PFLAG member and want to thank Pepsi for its support of your family;
You plan to purchase Pepsi products whenever possible to show your support for the company’s welcoming policies; and
You support Pepsi and your area bottlers and will refuse to participate in the boycott.

For more information on Pepsi’s generous gift to Straight for Equality, click here.

Thank you for your support of PFLAG, Straight for Equality and PepsiCo. Then, forward this alert to all of your friends . . . ask them to support PepsiCo . . . and remember when you shop to buy Pepsi products, like Tropicana, Frito Lay, Quaker and Gatorade.

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