DVTV Movie Producer Promotes newest movie "TICKED-OFF TRANNIES WITH KNIVES"

Israel Luna who produces videos for the Dallas Voice on DVTV, is promoting his new movie "TICKED-OFF TRANNIES WITH KNIVES" on the same Dallas Voice Instant Teas article that reported on the Queer communities objection to the nondiscriminatory usage of "Tranny" by the Dallas Voice and the Dallas Voice's Blog "Instant Tea."

Luna in referencing the relatively low level response (we are but 1% of the general population) of the queer communities to this article as a justification for his stance that hateful and hurtful language is acceptable and permissible.

Totally inexplicable is Luna's failure to correlate the struggle of transgender "minority within a minority" as it is portrayed as "Tranny" knife wielding lunatic by the Gays with the reason why we both were participating in the Liberaction rally to generate support for Gay Marriage.

Pictured left from to right at the rally, Israel Luna, Blake Wilkinson and our megaphoned kissing both shouting "Come kiss Me"!

Blake Wilkinson the founder and organizer of Liberaction which was formed in response to the Prop.8 disaster in which a majority victimized a minority and who's rally we were both attending commented on the Instant Tea Web log article linked below;

Blake Wilkinson ,Liberactions reaction:

"I think that if Transgender people are expressing to the rest of the GLBT community that they feel the word “tranny” is offensive then fair-minded people should not use it and the city’s GLBT publication shouldn’t use it either. It seems pretty simple to me."

"The same is true when Gays and Lesbians speak with straight people that say things like “he’s a gay” or “she’s a homosexual” or talking about our “lifestyle”. Usually those that say these things know no better than those GLTB folk who use the word “tranny”. It seems to me that it’s a question of education. Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual people should be the first to take this lesson to heart because of our similar experiences."

The Dallas Voices Official blog "Instant Tea" is attempting to generate readership by exploiting our objection to hateful, transphobic and immoral exploitation of the most vulnerable component of the GLBT community, transgender people.

I object to the moneyifcation and profiteering of this practice and have in the past resisted participating in their transbaiting as not to be a pawn in the the hate machine, but now is the time to speak up.

Let them know how you feel and leave a comment on the Instant Tea blog article.

Please leave a comment on planetransgender article "Demand Dallas Voice Stops Using Tranny"

Thank you so much for caring,

kelli Busey
January 29, 2009

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Unknown said...

Ugh. I was so upset by this movie that I made a facebook group to protest it:
Please join!