Gainesville Fl : Misleading Anti Transgender Ad Exposed

A Florida based Hate Group has unleashed a propaganda campaign insinuating that if Gainesville Fl transgender protective laws are allowed to stand men will follow your childern into bathrooms.

According to Fox News Gainesville City Commissioner Crag Lowe, the leader of a group called Equality is Gainesville's Business, has called the ads from Davis' group a grossly distorted attempt to whip up fears.

The train of thought which would lead to the conclusion that enacting human rights to protect a vulnerable class of people would embolden pedophiles to commit crimes when previously the lack of same laws prohibited them is beyond me. The group "Citizens for Good Public Policy", who produced this video were called on to answer for this misleading ad after citizens learned of the deception and would not return calls from FOX News.

This video is a attack against me. The last thing a transgender person wants is to offend anyone much less assault anyone. Quite the opposite. Transgender people are the ones being victimized.

The only thing missing from that video was men dragging this man out of the ladies room and lynching him.

I live in a city where transgender people are protected by laws similar to Gainesville. There has been no increase of crime targeting children attributable to enactment of gender protective laws in this city or any other city or state.


Queers United said...

just another fear tactic by the hate filled un-religious wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is a grossly misinterpreted movement. No one is calling transgenders predators or dangerous. The group CGPP is saying there is a loophole that dangerous predators, regardless of sexual orientation, can abuse. The registered sex offenders in Alachua County now have protection under this ordinance to hang out in a woman's bathroom. All this predator has to tell the police is that he has "an inner sense of being a woman" and he cannot be touched. This puts all women, transgenders, and children in danger of sexual predators.

Transgenders are victims of societal abuse and hatred, but this is one case where the story is being distorted to meet the agenda of the Mayor of Gainesville and the Gainesville City Commission.

Please read what I said carefully because it is the truth. The Gainesville City Commission was given a chance to fix this loop hole by defining who is protected specifically and who is not.

planet trans said...

Mikel your logic has no foundation. We do agree that any predators are dangerous but there your argument falls apart.
1. TransGENDER. Our main identity is displayed in our Gender expression. Our individual sexuality is not our defining trait.
2. Linking a fear increased criminal behaviour to transgender people is fostering unfounded fear.
There are no statistics substantiating this allegation.
3. A criminal will tell police anything that he believes will get him off the hook. What if he stated he did it because the name Mikel was allowed to be used in media. Would we have to remove legal protections form all people named Mikel?
4. Claiming that allowing human rights to remain in our local and national laws would endanger me or you makes absolutely no sense.
5.The motivation of people like yourself has no basis in protecting the human rights of TRANSGENDER, noun not verb, people.
Mikel read this very carefully. Become knowledgeable of who we are then post a educated comment and we will have common ground to intelligently discuss this topic.