Anako Installs Bigot on Anti Bullying Task Force and Rejects LGBT Group

Anoka School District puts bigot Bryan Lindquist onto anti bullying committee and local anti bullying Group is denied their application to March In the Halloween Parade.

Source: Huffington Post    Bryan Lindquist is a member of The Parents Action League, a local group that civil rights organization The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group  that attacks homosexuality. He was recently named to sit on the district's 25-member anti-bullying task force composed of students, school employees and community members, and mothers Tammy Aaberg and Melissa Thompson are outraged.

"That would be like asking somebody from the [Ku Klux] Klan to sit on the committee that plans black history month," Thompson told KSTP.

Tammy has a right to be so upset. Her gay son just committed suicide on account of bullying and founded justins gift  ,to address the same sort of bullying Bryan Lindquist encourages with his anti LGBT rhetoric.

Rebecca Krone, a mom from Anoka started a petition on Change.org demanding that the kids from Justin's Gift be allowed to march in the town's Halloween parade. Click here to add your name.

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LizinLouie said...

Anaka-Henepin refuses to change. Why am I not surprised.But to appoint a Bigot to the Panel is just flaunting their hate in our faces!

Jazzie said...

I find it really weird that some individuals are against bullying but keeps on bullying those who are in the third sex, how come they are being so unfair why can’t they just accept the fact that the third sex community also have feelings and just wants to live normal as possible.

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