Want An Ass To Die For? Pumper Partys Kill. Don't Be Stupid.

I Want a big juicy butt and saw this ad contacted this lady who having 'pumper parties' and she texted me back "It's illegal," explaining her discounted service, "I'm not a doctor and I'm not a nurse."

I thought why not, I really want a big butt and what could go wrong? After all she's using a clean needle drawing that five gallon Poland spring jug of centistoke dimethyl siloxane fluid. Then I hesitated wait isn't that like "furniture polish"? But she assured me it was OK explaining its a special mix called "medical-grade silicone".

So I gave her $1,600 for the shot and my ass raised right, up but it began to hurt to breath. WTF its hard to breath I thinking, but look at my ass.

A day later I was dead. So as it turned out this is the ass I died for.

The LA Times  has a decent article about this that I plagiarized for this post (minus the misgendering).

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