Degrassi Video Spoiler: First regular transgender character on prime time, Adam, Dies in Car Wreck Texting

Yes, Adam (Jordan Todosey) died after hitting a tree when he lost control of the car he was driving because he was texting at the end of the last episode, sending home the message that it can always wait to the show's young viewers. Executive producer Stephen Stohn tweeted after the episode, "We must never text and drive. Never." ~ E online

Not so sure Stohn knew how badly Adams death would be received by viewers. So many cried and commented they would never watch Degrassi again. Seems the show has made a habit of killing off their best at critical moments instilling a sense of dread in viewers, like OK, who's next. The sad truth is death is a fact of life expecially in the trans community and Degrassi like life will go on.

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