Two Brazilian Trans woman Murdered in Two Days

TransMusePlanet reported that transgender woman Vougue Savannah, 30 was shot and died July 28th. It was later learned that the shots were not for Savannah but for a friend, India, purportedly becuse of a money dispute. According to a post on transfofa  Anchieta Bridges, of the 4th Police District, said José da Silva, 37, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and injury followed by death.

On the 31 another Brazilian trans woman was murdered. In this instance her authentic name was not used by the press.

Ms. Tavares, 21, was found dead with six bullet wounds in her butocks on a plot in the Baixada Fluminense near Rio. 
Ms. Tavares' murder is being investigated as a hate crime.

The head of the station of Niagara Falls (65th SD), Robson da Costa Ferreira da Silva, heard three witnesses and did not rule out that the crime may have been motivated by revenge or homophobia.
According to relatives of the victim, Ms. Tavares had no enemies and her gender has always been respected by family and friends.

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