Victory In Taiwan: MTF Trans Couple Abbygail and Jiyi Wu's Marriage is reinstated

In a historic reversal the Taiwanese government has reversed a earlier ruling invalidating this transgender couple's marriage.

The Sun Daily reports: in what was hailed as a "benchmark" ruling, Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior on Wednesday decided that the marriage status of Abbygail Wu, 27, and her 29-year-old partner Jiyi Wu remained legal.

Abbygail graciously gave planetransgender a interview while the couples fate was still unknown. It was her suggestion that the article be titled Can The Taiwanese Gov't Revoke A Marriage With A Letter? It was a wonderful experience for me to learn first hand from these two young people what love means to them and a joy to be in some small way a contributor to what the WSJ described as a important component to this victory.

Abbygail and Jiyi Wu's struggle to love has transcended national boundaries lending their humanity to the realization that trans people worldwide belong together in one community.

While some see this as a leap forward for marriage equality not everyone is so optimistic according to the WSJ
Taiwan’s LGBT rights groups caution that the case does not signal that conservative Taiwan is ready to rewrite its marriage law yet.

“Protection of marriage and the right to marry is part of basic human rights, which means the decision was delayed justice but nothing groundbreaking,” said Chien Chih-chieh, the secretary-general of Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights.

The case, in fact, shows the government is still unwilling to budge from the current regulation that states a marriage can take place only between a man and a woman, she said.

The only silver lining, she said, is that the public and the government seem more willing to discuss the issue, which gives the group hope that a bill on recognizing same-sex marriages they plan to pitch to the legislature in September may meet less resistance.


Men are born, were given gender was male or female, but a group of people, they were unable to identify with their physiological sex, long ­ unease, pain, even for the sex change operation, the group called the "transgender"! Next, we'll take you to see – Taiwan, a very special "cross-gender" companion, Abby He Xiaozhi story! Abby He Xiaozhi, two people ­ was physically to be boys, as adults, they have carried out that operation, after Abby change ­ of identity cards for women, they went to the population administration organ complete marriage registration. At that time, the identity documents indicated, two persons were a man and a woman, no ­ on legal issues. But then, the population administration organs found was originally registered as a male small Zhi, identity card by the MTF! Grabbed the issue ­ came, two transgender people, identity card were all women, their marriage is legal? Rare transgender ­ a global "battle for marriage", in Taiwan officially started!

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