Russian Sports Minister tells Obama, LGBT and other human rights advocates to "Just Calm Down"

AP: Urging critics of Russia's new anti-gay law to "calm down," the country's sports minister said Thursday that the rights of all athletes competing at next year's Winter Olympics in Sochi will be respected.

Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko did insist that athletes would "have to respect the laws of the country" during the Feb. 7-23 games in the Black Sea resort in southern Russia.

The law, signed by President Vladimir Putin in June, bans "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" and imposes fines on those holding gay pride rallies.

Mutko said the issue had been blown out of proportion by a groundswell of protest and unease outside Russia.

"I want to ask you to calm down," he said."

36 Pictures of Russian police, orthodox thugs and generic scum "calming down" LGBT people.

Essentially, anyone willing to forgo common human dignity supported by the vast majority of the world are welcome. All others, gays, Lesbians, Transsexuals, Bisexuals, Gender Queer, Intersex, followers of religions other than the Orthodox church, atheists, anyone not belonging to the United Russia political party and migrant workers, shut up, calm down and maybe you won't get you head caved in.

Obama cancelled a summit with Putin in part because of Russia's anti LGBT laws making Obama the first world leader not 'calming down'.

Recently the new civil rights movement wrote about the quandry the IOC faces regarding the human rights records of host countries.

IAAF president is calmed down.

"I don't have the feeling there is a problem whatsoever," IAAF President Lamine Diack said. "There is a law that exists. The law has to be respected. Some things have to be respected. We are here for the world championships."

Pussy Riot in prison for singing a protest song in a Orthodox church and they aren't calmed down. Nether am I. I am outraged and pissed off that any country should treat its minorities so horriably THEN have the adacity to tell those of us outside of its sphere of influance to JUST CALM DOWN.

Want to know what would start calming me down Mr. Mutko? If you freed Pussy Riot and recinded the 'gay propaganda laws and stopped encouraging to beat up my people. Then I would start to calm down,

Untill That happens we will have a Pussy Riot. 

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