Fox News spearheading retaliatory Attack on transgender Californian students

The first video is from CNN which sets the benchmark by offering fair and balanced reporting giving both opponents and proponents of AB 1266 a chance to present their views.

The second and third are fox videos that open by indicating transsexualism as a transit condition or made by a subjective decision.  APFox and ABC' are all to blame for propagating this untruth as the first paragraph in each of these mainstream media articles reporting the passage of AB 1266 state that California transgender students can now use 'whatever restroom they want". 

The following two videos are representative of the skewed reporting by these Fox affiliates.
Nether "Fair" or "Balanced".

How many sexual harassment cases will come forward? The answer? There has never neen a single lawsuit filed in any of the 624 colleges and universities and ever expanding list of which includes 16 states and DC and and a innumerable list of counties, cites an jurisdictions that have transgender students inclusive policies. The truth is? Fox News is leading a fear mongering hate filled retaliatory attack against transgender students disregarding historical and empirical evidence.

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