US and UK Leaders Reject Call to Boycott Sochi while thousands protest in solidarity with LGBT Russians. #NoPussiesNoGames

It should come as no surprise that both President Obama and now David Cameron, British Prime Minister, have let it be known that while they sympathise with the unrelenting brutal persecution of Russia's LGBT community they are against a boycott of the Russian winter Olympics.

  1. 2/2 However, I believe we can better challenge prejudice as we attend, rather than boycotting the Winter Olympics. DC
    1. 1/2 Thank you for your note . I share your deep concern about the abuse of gay people in Russia...

While it is gratifying that our united efforts have gained these leaders ears it is clearly not enough to have any real meaning in Russia dominated by Putin.

Just days after one bureaucrat said the "gay propaganda" law would be suspended for the Olympics so it would be "safe" for LGBT athletes and visitors Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko  insisted that athletes would "have to respect the laws of the country"  at Sochi meaning the "Gay Propaganda law could be subjectively enforced.

That is exactly why "No Pussies No Games" is petitioning the worlds peoples. We support both a worldwide boycott AND protests at the Sochi Olympics. Politicians more concerned with the number of medals athletes win, not human rights. The Olympic committee is more concerned with the high fees it receives than human rights.

No Pussies No Games: Boycott / Demonstrate at The Russian Winter Olympics

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