Victory In California! Governor Jerry Brown Signs AB 1266 Empowering Transgender Students

Today marks the beginning of a new era for transgender equality. AB1266 is now law.

 What this means: As our next generation of citizens matures they will have first hand knowledge and respect for their transgender peers and vice versa.

What this doesn't mean:  APFox and ABC's first paragraph states that California transgender students can now use 'whatever restroom they want".

Being that this extension of the bathroom meme is repeated by all of the major media outlets in this way, at this time, lends to the impression that it is fact, and could lead one to assume that a trans student could sit down and make a decision which gender they want to be, on that day.

Setting the record straight. Its not a spurious, frivolous or an apocryphal decision which guides trans students to the correct restroom. In fact, it's not a decision at all. It is the universal innate knowledge of ones gender. There are always factors which could preclude a young person from from transitioning, but that does not alter ones gender awareness.

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