Connecticut To Consider Transgender Anti-Discrimination Proposal

Hartford Courant, CT, USA Connecticut To Consider Transgender Anti-Discrimination

Transgender activists believe this is the year they will gain equal protection under the state's anti-discrimination laws.

"We feel good," said Jerimarie Liesegang, who leads the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition. "We've done the groundwork, we've done the education and we know we have the votes."

A proposal, to be introduced in the legislative session that begins Wednesday, would prevent people who in any way blur gender lines from being discriminated against in the workplace or while seeking housing or obtaining credit. More than a dozen states, including California, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon and Rhode Island, have enacted similar laws.


Queers United said...

wonderful news, please keep us up to date on when the bill has a number assigned and we can contact reps.

Shauna said...

Well that is so wonderful to hear, 14 states, now I hope to see more join hands.