Buffalo bands together defeats Westboro Baptist

On a street corner in Buffalo New York in the raw February wind gathered everyman and woman. Some wore angel wings, some with American Flags and homemade signs held high.

All were banded together in solidarity to shield a Church from the Westboro Baptist Church hate mongers who thought a memorial for human rights advocate Alison Des Forges was taking place. Des Forges died in the crash of Flight 3407 from Newark to Buffalo on February 12, 2009.

The three Westboro members left after a few moments.
"Hatred in the name of Jesus is a despicable thing," said Zion Lutheran Pastor Randy Milleville.

By Kelli Busey
February 23, 2009


Christopher D. Joya said...

Just to correct you, Alison Des Forges didn't die on 9/11, nor did the crash occur that day. Rather it was 13 February (actually 14 February)

planet trans said...

Thank you Chris, corrections made.