Drag Queen Armani Nicole-Davenport may face silicone injection murder charges

Armani Nicole-Davenport performed in this years Diamond of the south

Larry Tremell Bernard, 32, who goes by the drag name Armani Nicole Davenport was originally charged with one count of negligent injuring in the death of Brenisha Hall after the coroner, unable to define the toxic substances in her blood determined she died of natural causes.

Bernard, a drag queen from Dallas is accused of injecting Hall and another person with silicone on Oct. 24. These injections called "Pumping" are a cheap but often fatal alternative to cosmetic surgery. Hall later complained she couldn't breath and was taken to the hospital, where she lapsed into a coma and died.

Five months later on April 25th the Orleans Parish Coroner's office has ruled Hall's death a homicide. However, it may be harder to get a conviction because the original cause of death was said to be of natural causes.
While prosecutors decide on additional charges Bernard remains free on the original bond of $25,000

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